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Lafarge cement operations will test torrefied biomass as substitute for coal

Source: Daily News | 2014-04-15
A commercial demonstration of the use of biomass-based solid fuels instead of coal at cement plants or coal-fired utilities in British Columbia has received funding of $1 million from the BC Bioenergy Network.

Ensyn planning commercial-scale production of biofuels in Ontario

Source: Daily News | 2014-04-07
Ensyn is undertaking a $4-million expansion to upgrade its existing production facility in Renfrew to a dedicated biofuels facility with enhanced production capacity of 13 million litres/year of a liquid biofuel that can be used as a heating...

Biomass gasification plant serves transportation sector

Source: Daily News | 2014-04-01
A Valmet-supplied gasification plant at GoBiGas (Gothenburg Biomass Gasification Project) will produce biomethane gas by gasifying forest residues and wood pellets. The biomethane is similar to natural gas and will primarily be used in the...

AV Terrace Bay will test method to extract sugar from biomass

Source: Daily News | 2014-03-19
CRIBE is partnering with GreenField Specialty Alcohols to test and develop a biorefining technology that could be applicable to pulp mills.

UPM and Valmet developing technology for advanced biomass-based fuels

Source: Daily News | 2014-03-12
Fortum, UPM and Valmet have joined forces to develop technology to produce advanced high value lignocellulosic fuels, such as transportation fuels or higher-value bio liquids. The idea is to develop catalytic pyrolysis technology for upgrading...

Explosion at Fort Frances mill injures one worker

Source: Daily News | 2014-03-04
An employee was critically injured in an explosion at the biomass boiler of Resolute Forest Products’ Fort Frances mill. The incident occurred on Feb. 27. The employee has not been identified, and was transferred to a hospital in Toronto...

Renewable energy predicted to supply 5% of power demand for mining by 2022

Source: Daily News | 2014-03-04
The mining industry, which uses tremendous amounts of energy each year, is on the verge of changing the way it manages energy. More remote operations, rising energy prices, and the desire to reduce mining companies’ carbon footprints...

PaperWeek: Biorefinery Symposium underlines need for policy support

Source: Daily News | 2014-02-05
The International Forest Biorefinery Symposium, under the umbrella of PaperWeek Canada in Montreal, launched with a keynote presentation by Gerd Unkelbach, of the Fraunhofer Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processeses CBP in Germany....

Research and biorefining take the stage on PaperWeek's first day

Source: Daily News | 2014-02-04
Opening day for PaperWeek Canada 2014, Feb. 3, was intensely focused on research and innovation. FIBRE Day, featuring presentations by all the research networks of FIBRE, ran concurrent with the 4th International Forest Biorefinery Symposium.

Martinez takes over from Olson at UBC Pulp and Paper Centre

Source: Daily News | 2014-01-21
Dr. James Olson has stepped down as Director of the Pulp and Paper Centre at the University of British Columbia and accepted a new position with the Faculty of Applied Science as Associate Dean for Research and Industrial...