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Lignin a rising star in bio-chemicals, says Pöyry

Source: Daily News | 2015-04-22
On the subject of biochemicals, experts at Pöyry Management Consulting believe that the European market will invest effort in supplying lignin. In a new report called Biosight up to 2025, the firm makes this assessment on the basis that...

Canadian supplier to provide gasification for UK power plant

Source: Daily News | 2015-04-15
Vancouver-based Nexterra will provide the gasification technology for the Welland Waste Wood Power Plant. Nexterra also participated in the development and financing of the £51.6-million project located in Northamptonshire, UK. The...

Cascades invests in cellulosic sugar technology at Cabano

Source: Daily News | 2015-04-14
Cascades Inc. will replace the pulping process at its Norampac Cabano facility with a hot water pulping process that will allow the plant to extract hemicellulose, a cellulosic sugar with high value-added potential, from wood chips. It will be...

Cogen facility at Thurso passes test to provide green power

Source: Daily News | 2015-04-07
Fortress Paper Ltd. has successfully completed the mandatory 100-hour test for its cogeneration facility at the Fortress Specialty Cellulose Mill in Thurso, Que. This will allow for the addition of 5.2 MW of incremental power. The cogeneration...

Nova Scotia: 393,000 green tonnes of biomass for electricity

Source: Daily News | 2015-04-01
Nova Scotia Power recently reported that the biomass boiler used to generate electricity for the province consumed 393,423 green tonnes of biomass in 2014, its first full year of operation. Not all the biomass originated in Nova Scotia; almost...

Thurso investment "a disaster" says Fortress CEO

Source: Daily News | 2015-03-18
In a recent Financial Post story about Fortress Paper and its CEO Chad Wasilenkoff, the purchase of the pulp mill at Thurso, Que., is singled out as a bad decision.

FPInnovations receives $20 million in federal funding

Source: Daily News | 2015-03-04
The federal government will invest $20.6 million towards reinforcing innovation in the Canadian forest sector through the work of FPInnovations, a research organization focused on the forest products sector.

UNB receives funding for biofuels research

Source: Daily News | 2015-02-18
The University of New Brunswick will receive $306,200 over three years to develop new technology to help Canada develop better, cleaner and cheaper renewable fuel from biomass.

PaperWeek Canada: We're on the road to transformation, but not there yet

Source: Daily News | 2015-02-04
Industry transformation through innovation will be a long process, and we’re not there yet. This was the message from the pulp and paper industry leaders assembled for a panel discussion that kicked off the PaperWeek Canada conference and...

Swedish optimism opens International Forest Biorefinery Summit

Source: Daily News | 2015-02-03
Kraft pulp mills are central to the concept of an integrated forest biorefinery, a Swedish forest industry expert told the audience of the International Forest Biorefinery Summit. The Summit opened at PaperWeek Canada 2015 in Montreal on...