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Domtar converting paper machine to fluff pulp at Arkansas mill

Source: Daily News | 2014-12-16
Domtar has announced a $160-million capital project to convert a paper machine at the Ashdown, Arkansas mill to a fluff pulp line. Fluff pulp is used in absorbent applications such as baby diapers, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence...

Industrial accident kills driver at Crofton mill

Source: Daily News | 2014-12-15
A contract truck driver who delivered wood chips to Catalyst Paper’s Crofton mill was found dead in a chip silo on Dec. 11. The driver, Perry Vernon Thomas, was reported missing on the evening of Dec. 9, at which time the mill activated...

Tembec strike over, cogen project delayed one month

Source: Daily News | 2014-12-15
Tembec reached a settlement with its Temiscaming site employees who voted on Dec. 10 to end the two-week long strike. The settlement consists of a four-year agreement to expire in September 2018.

Kruger wins innovation award for cellulose filament demonstration plant

Source: Daily News | 2014-12-10
Kruger Inc. was presented with the “Open Innovation” Award by the Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l'innovation du Québec (Québec Association for research and innovation development -...

Union and Tembec taking steps to end strike at Temiscaming

Source: Daily News | 2014-12-09
Striking workers at Tembec’s Temiscaming site will have an opportunity Dec. 10 to vote on a collective agreement that is unanimously endorsed by the union negotiation committee. Tembec and Unifor Local 233 have signed a memorandum of...

Two forest industry executives among Canada's most powerful women

Source: Daily News | 2014-12-03
On the list of Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 for 2014 determined by Women’s Executive Network are Anne Giardini, president of Weyerhaeuser Co. and Nancy Marcus corporate vice-president, consumer marketing with Kruger...

Management changes at CRIBE

Source: Daily News | 2014-12-03
CRIBE, Northern Ontario’s funding agency for bio-economy research, has made changes to its leadership structure. 

Resolute will heat closed Fort Frances pulp mill

Source: Daily News | 2014-12-02
The closed Fort Frances pulp mill has been given a reprieve. After discussion between Resolute Forest Products, the Ontario government and Unifor, a union representing paper workers, Resolute has committed to heating the closed mill over the...

Union at Temiscaming rejects Tembec's final offer

Source: Daily News | 2014-11-26
Members of Unifor local 233 voted Nov. 19 to reject what was termed a final offer from Tembec concerning the collective agreement for workers at the company’s Temiscaming, Que., complex. The union says this vote puts them in a position to...

Pulp and paper industry use of biomass considered carbon neutral: EPA

Source: Daily News | 2014-11-25
Domtar Corporation announced its support of the position taken by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that carbon dioxide emissions from sustainably-managed sources of biomass should be considered "neutral" when accounting for greenhouse...