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Planning is key for Irving pulp mill modernization

Source: Daily News | 2015-08-25
The Irving Pulp & Paper mill is in the midst of what could be the largest modernization project in Canada since 1993, and yet the daily operation of the Saint John, N.B., mill continues.  “We have not had a single break in...

Celebrate 100 years of safety in forestry, pulp and paper industries

Source: Daily News | 2015-08-25
Workplace Safety North (WSN) will host a centennial conference to celebrate 100 years of worker health and safety in the forestry, pulp and paper industries in Ontario. Held on Sept. 24 and 25 in Thunder Bay, Ont., the event will celebrate...

Prince Rupert pulp mill to be dismantled, finally

Source: Daily News | 2015-08-19
The city of Prince Rupert is proceeding with the removal of assets and decommissioning of a pulp mill on Waston Island, B.C., which has been shut down since 2004. The aim is to make the site useable for new development.

Draft CSA forest management standard out for public review

Source: Daily News | 2015-08-19
The draft, fourth revision of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Group Sustainable Forest Management System (SFM) standard incorporates changes related to aboriginal relations, public involvement, safety and protection of water features.

PAPTAC tech community meetings coming up

Source: Daily News | 2015-08-11
Various technology communities of PAPTAC have set dates for their fall meetings.

Fortress Paper's dissolving pulp segment has a better quarter

Source: Daily News | 2015-08-11
Fortress Paper Ltd. reported 2015 second quarter EBITDA of $4.1 million, an increase of $6.6 million over the previous quarter and $10.1 million over the prior year. The dissolving pulp segment generated EBITDA of $2.1 million, making a...

Why Howe Sound chose pulp over paper

Source: Daily News | 2015-08-04
When announcing the permanent closure the paper and TMP operations at the Howe Sound mill. Paper Excellence explained that the company had gone through an extensive product review process and concluded the company’s future does not lie...

Canadian government enters the war of words with Greenpeace

Source: Daily News | 2015-08-04
The federal government is picking sides, supporting Canada’s forest industry in the face of a campaign by Greenpeace to discredit certain companies and practices. Minister Denis Lebel announced on July 31 that the government of Canada...

Thunder Bay to reimburse Resolute after property tax appeal

Source: Daily News | 2015-07-29
Resolute Forest Products recently won an appeal with the assessment review board regarding the assessment for its pulp and paper mill in Thunder Bay, Ont. The review board decreased the assessment for the mill to $32.6 million from $72.2...

Quebec forms group to examine fibre costs

Source: Daily News | 2015-07-29
The Quebec government has formed a working group to examine fibre supply costs and the competitiveness of the province’s forest industry. Made up of representatives from the ministries of finance, the economy and forests, the...