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How do you manage contracts at your mill? We talked to Alberta-based company Project: Recapture about their platform, which aims to reduce maintenance spend by automating billing reviews: http://ow.ly/zXCT50D9SC3 #pulpandpaper

From online analyzers to biomass cogeneration to office-side automation, we're talking process optimization in the Winter 2021 issue of Pulp & Paper Canada. What are your optimization goals this year? http://ow.ly/koy750D9xTW #pulpandpaper

Catalyst Paper Corp. and its parent company, Paper Excellence, are suing for damages incurred after a natural gas pipeline exploded near Prince George, B.C. in October 2018, severing supply to their paper mills. http://ow.ly/fSh750D8Eku #pulpandpaper

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Ionizing Air Blowers
Exair Corporation

In a home, static electricity discharges can be annoying and frustrating. In a factory, however, static shocks transform into potential threats to produ...

Temperature Indicators
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.

A wide selection of temperature indicators is available from Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. The different types available include digital indicators and pa...

Cam Lock Kits
Capitol Industries Inc.

For more than six decades, Capitol Industries has been the primary source of industrial security solutions in Canada. Although we make an unsurpassed va...

Temperature Monitors
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.

Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. can supply a range of high quality temperature monitors at competitive prices. Our monitors offer a variety of features. For...

Code Dating Machines
Sprinter Marking Inc.

Sprinter Marking Inc. can supply code dating machines. Our machines are used for marking all types of products and surfaces for applications such as pro...

Socket Cap Screws
Advance Fasteners Ltd

A wide variety of hex socket products is available from Advance Fasteners Ltd. Some of the different types we supply include socket cap set screws, hex ...