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ABB releases digital sheet break analysis for paper mills

April 14, 2021  By P&PC Staff

ABB has released a new service to identify the root cause of sheet breaks.

Sheet Break Performance is an ABB Ability Performance Service that automatically curates, calculates and contextualizes key data points into a user interface to identify the root cause of sheet breaks for swift corrective action, while also determining optimal operational parameters.

The diagnosis and root cause identification of each sheet break event is traditionally performed manually by operators who often need to access the information from different sources, such as process control systems, drives and quality management systems, which can take a while to corral.


ABB’s digital offering uses analytics, advanced algorithms and online monitoring to provide a root cause analysis within one minute after the break.

Operators can monitor real-time variations in the operating parameters as well as the interactions between the various sections of the paper machine, and are to abnormalities and detrimental changes in the system that could lead to sheet breaks. This serves as an early warning system allowing the operators to take corrective actions and prevent unplanned downtime.

Delivered via the ABB Ability Collaborative Operations service delivery model, it is fully integrated with ABB Ability Analytics framework, with on-premise or cloud deployment options.

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