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ABB launches actuator system for caliper and gloss profile control

February 10, 2020  By P&PC Staff


ABB has released the Induction xP Plus actuator for paper and packaging manufacturers to control caliper on paper machines calenders.

Induction xP Plus ensures efficient heating up to 100 kW/meter in a highly targeted area, providing flexibility for power density and heating zone width.

The caliper profiling system has hybrid control zone configurations of 60 mm, 75 mm or 120 mm, enabling customers to target higher precision heat distribution at the edges, where it is often critical, as well as increasing heat density to get on spec quicker, even after sheet breaks.


An evolution of ABB’s Induction xP actuator, the new Induction xP Plus uses ABB’s fixed frequency/soft switching technology which, in tandem with a lower voltage design, ensures negligible switching losses and lower stresses on electronic components.

Induction xP Plus also features serial communications to the power modules, a three-phase power bus distribution system and advancements in the mower module and work coil. These features combine to deliver the lowest CD caliper variation and associated improvements in reel build, while also providing the best sheet finishing for gloss, smoothness, and printability.

ABB’s Induction Profiler is part of the ABB Ability Quality Management System, which is based on ABB Ability System 800xA. By using advanced measurement, control strategies and high-performance algorithms, ABB caliper and gloss control minimizes caliper and gloss variations under any operating conditions.

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