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ABB launches online system for measuring freeness

February 23, 2017  By P&PC Staff

Feb. 23, 2017 – ABB has launched L&W Freeness Online, a “reliable, repeatable and cost-effective” online system for measuring, monitoring and controlling key quality variables — Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF) and Schopper-Riegler (SR) — in paper stock preparation. This helps pulp and paper customers to save production costs by reducing energy consumption through elimination of over-refining, and to improve quality by generating uniform pulp furnish for the paper, board or tissue machines, described the company.

According to ABB, L&W Freeness Online solves the problem of inconsistent and inaccurate manually-measured results with an automatic and complete measurement cycle, reporting results that are compensated for consistency and temperature, with measurement results that approach laboratory standards.

The system also allows for multiple sampling points with a single instrument, which ABB said will reduce initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs.


”Now we can offer a robust and responsive CSF/SR measurement online, which gives our customers an easy way to pinpoint and follow trends on pulp quality while its being made, and at the same time helps them to reduce refining energy,” said Anna Schärman, global product manager, ABB Pulp & Paper products.

L&W Freeness Online uses well-proven pulp samplers connected to the process to automatically take samples before and after refiners to ensure that the set point value is being met, it added.

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