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ABB upgrades QCS colour control system to stabilize sheet colour

July 23, 2021  By P&PC Staff

Photo: ABB

ABB has added new features to its automated Color Control tool for QCS800xA for paper mills that make coloured board, paper and tissue products – from whites and pastels to dark shades.

The tool helps to reduce colour variability, dye usage and rejects associated with off-shade production.

The system taps into ABB’s High-Performance Color Measurement LED-based continuous colour measurement device and combines it with Multivariable Color Control to establish full shade property insight and traceability.


The tool stabilizes sheet colour faster by using control algorithms, based on advanced models rooted in the Kubelka-Munk theory of paper colouring.

The new functionalities build on the control package, particularly when it comes to more powerful shade change capabilities, including improved dye state visualization, shade change selection and boost control. It features an enhanced operator user interface for faster responsiveness, with less system lag, improved data graphic interactions and faceplate control-state and interlock-condition awareness.

Designed for customers already using ABB’s High Performance Color Sensor and those considering a new/replacement colour sensor for smart colour, this is an important tool for mills facing colour management challenges such as reaching shade targets, and facing excessive recalls or reject levels.

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