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Attis uses organic solvents to break down biomass in patented process

November 19, 2018 – Attis Industries has released the second video in its new series on its bio-based products and research offering, demonstrating how it breaks down biomass for other uses.

November 19, 2018  By P&PC Staff

This installment highlights Attis’s research and development facility in Wausau, Wisconsin, which has created a unique extraction process for biomass. This process serves as a pilot-scale demonstration for what will be Attis’s first commercial-scale operation.

At the pilot facility, Attis uses organic solvents in a patented Organosolv process to break down biomass into its individual components, including lignin and cellulose.


“The team at our R&D facility in Wausau has over 30 years of combined biomass processing and laboratory expertise,” says Jeff Cosman, chief executive officer of Attis Industries. “Their institutional knowledge and facility operations bring tremendous value to Attis, allowing us to demonstrate on a pilot scale our biomass processing technology, as well as invaluable testing on our unique lignin and cellulose for end product uses. We are excited to showcase our R&D facilities capabilities and give everyone a better understanding of how this revolutionary technology can bring transformative global change to multiple industries including biofuels, plastics and other bio-based products.”

Watch the video above.

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