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Avensys Solutions releases particulate monitor for wet scrubbers and cold stacks

November 13, 2019  By P&PC Staff

Avensys PCME QAL182WS

Avensys Solutions has introduced the PCME QAL 182 WS Particulate Monitor, which is suitable for measuring particulate emissions from wet scrubbers and other processes where the flue gas falls below dew point (cold stack conditions) or water droplets are present.

The ProScatter forward light scatter sensor is certified by TUV and MCERTS as QAL1 compliant.

The monitor is highly sensitive (<0.1mg/m³), with high stability even at low concentrations (< 0.1 mg/m³).


Its modular design facilitates ease of assembly, servicing and lifting to stack location. It offers isokinetic sampling with automatic adjustment, as well as fully automated and extensive self checks (zero and span) with a dedicated audit channel.

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