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December 1, 2009  By Pulp & Paper Canada

Tuesday AM, Feb. 2

Tuesday AM, Feb. 2

Key Insights into How Forest, Paper & Packaging Manufacturers can Survive the Volatile Times


Host / Organisateur : Deloitte & Touche LLP

Like most other industries, the forest, paper and packaging (FP&P) sector has been affected by the global economic recession. To address this, Deloitte last year presented key insights into how FP&P manufacturers could survive the volatile times.

This year, we are excited to focus on the progress that has been made, and provide insights into what lies ahead. Moving forward, economic and geopolitical insights are of the essence. Understanding these views can shed light on what is expected to come. And as a sector relished with many challenges, there is still much opportunity for growth and revenue realization.

Deloitte’s business session will focus on sharing our unique perspective into how organizations can turn challenges into key areas of opportunity.

Our session will provide a unique view into how human capital, cost reduction and supply chain are the keys to success. As well, we will highlight how carbon credits, and mergers and acquisitions can be leveraged to positively impact the bottom line of an organization’s balance sheet.

Wednesday AM, Feb. 3

Energy Management / Gestion de l’nergie

Host / Organisateur : Hydro-Qubec

Alain Roche and Louhoucine Ettaleb, FPInnovations, Canada, Energy Audit for Mechanical Pulp: A First Step for Diagnosis and Improvement of Performance

Kyarash Shahriari and Feng Ding, CRIQ, Canada, Assessing Potential Specific Energy Reduction in a TMP Process: A Gateway to Refining Energy Saving

Jacques Perrault, Cascades Inc., Canada, Reducing Electric Consumption with Paper Machine Operations

Wednesday PM, Feb. 3

How will the Pulp and Paper Industry Evolve in a Carbon-Constrained World?

Host / Organisateur : Natural Resources Canada/Ressources naturelles Canada

Chair / Animateur : Tom Rosser, Director General -Policy, Economics and Industry Branch, Natural Resources Canada

Will the Carbon Market Create More Profitable Bio-Pathways for the Forest Products Industry?

Jacquelyn McNutt, Executive Director, Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies (CPBIS) at Georgia Tech, USA, What Could this Mean in Terms of Challenges and Necessary Adjustments for the Pulp and Paper Sector?

Jean Hamel, VP FPInnovations Pulp and Paper Div., Canada, Delivering Sustainable High-Value Bio-Materials to New Customers

George Weyerhaeuser, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Will there be Enough Biomass to Replace Fossil Fuels and Produce a Range of Biofuels, Biochemicals and Biomaterials?

Jim Farrell, Assistant Deputy Minister and Tom Rosser, Natural Resources Canada, How can NRCan Support the Pulp and Paper Sector to Adjust to the New Context?

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