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Carbon Trust certifies Royale tissue products as carbon neutral

March 23, 2023  By P&PC Staff

Photo: J.D. Irving

Carbon Trust has certified Royale’s tissue products, manufactured by Irving Consumer Products, as carbon neutral. Carbon Trust is an independent global certification body specializing in the verification of carbon footprints.

Irving Consumer Products Limited is an affiliate of J.D. Irving.

The Carbon Trust has certified that Royale tissue products have achieved carbon neutrality on the total carbon footprint of tissue products sold in Canada from cradle to grave in accordance with the PAS 2060:2014 standard. This includes the carbon footprint of all scopes including input materials, production, distribution, use-phase, and end-of-life phase of the tissue products.


“The confirmation that Royale tissue products are carbon neutral is another step in a larger commitment to caring about the environment by Irving Consumer Products,” said Robert K. Irving, president of Irving Consumer Products and co-CEO of J.D. Irving.

J.D.Irving shared the following in a press statement:

  • Forests managed by J.D. Irving and its affiliates remove more carbon per year than is emitted in the life cycle of Royale tissue products manufactured in the year.
  • Each year, J.D. Irving and its affiliates harvest less than two percent of the forest it manages, ensuring that the company grows more wood than it harvests annually.
  • J.D. Irving and its affiliates’ integrated supply chain ensures the highest utilization of the forest resource, leaving little to waste – from lumber, chips, and bark to sawdust and wood shavings.

Through its 2030 public sustainability goals, Irving Consumer Products’ tissue manufacturing operations has pledged to continue to deliver exceptional product and service experiences, while ensuring its products, including Royale tissue products, meet high standards for both quality and environmental impact.

“We believe that if we look after the forest, the forest will continue to look after all of us,” said Stewart Van Horn, corporate vice-president, Environment, Health, Safety and Operational Excellence at J.D. Irving. “Ensuring Royale tissue products remain carbon neutral is one step in the fight against climate change and is part of our overall commitment to caring about the environment.”

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