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Cascades consumer products packaging pre-qualified by How2Recycle

November 3, 2022  By P&PC Staff

Cascades has submitted all its consumer products packaging to How2Recycle for an evaluation of their recyclability potential. This includes packaging manufactured under the Cascades Fresh, Cascades E-Com Packaging Solutions, Cascades IMGN Retail Solutions and northbox brands.

How2Recycle is a standardized labelling system started by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition to communicate packaging recycling instructions to the public based on rigorous protocols and market data. Cascades has chosen to have the recyclability of the packaging it manufactures assessed. Brand owners and retailers can request their recyclability labels directly from How2Recycle, without the need for prior testing by outside labs. By providing customers with pre-qualification letters, Cascades intends to simplify the process by confirming the recyclability of its packaging in advance. These pre-qualifications are valid in Canada and the United States.

All packaging manufactured by Cascades for food and other consumer products underwent the How2Recycle recyclability assessment. This includes boxes, corrugated bins and baskets, thermoformed cardboard trays, RPET trays, carry trays and moulded pulp egg trays, boxes for e-commerce, packaging for retail and isothermal packaging. Cascades is innovating to ensure that all of its packaging is recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2030.


“This important and proactive measure increases transparency for our customers by providing them with reliable and verified information on recyclability and represents another progressive step in our ambitious Sustainability Action Plan. For nearly 60 years, Cascades has adopted a circular economy mindset and continues innovating to ensure every bit of material is used,” said Mario Plourde, Cascades president and CEO, in a press statement.

Cascades decided to undergo the How2Recycle assessment as part of its efforts to achieve one of the goals in its fourth Sustainability Action Plan: to ensure that 100 percent of its manufactured packaging is recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2030.

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