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Cascades extends support to Quebec’s new $30.5M recycling program

February 12, 2020  By P&PC Staff

Cascades exteriorPhoto: © Cascades

Cascades has released a statement approving of the Quebec’s government’s recent commitment to improving the province’s recovery chain.

On Feb. 11, Quebec Environment Minister Benoit Charette unveiled a $30.5-million plan to make packaging manufacturers responsible for their products, and to develop more stringent criteria for sorting centres.

Manufacturers of packaging, containers and print materials will now be responsible for the recovery, sorting and recycling of their own products. Up until now, manufacturers have paid for municipalities to curbside recycling, but have not been involved in the management of their own operations.


Cascades is heavily involved in the recovery system in Quebec, using 83 per cent recycled materials in the manufacturing of all of its products. This makes it the largest collector of paper fibres in Canada.

In Quebec, the company works with a number of sorting centres to ensure the supply of quality fibre. Cascades also operates 17 sorting centres in Canada and the United States.

According to a government press release, the program will be implemented in 2022 and, by 2025, companies that don’t meet new recovery and recycling targets set by the province will be fined. Companies will also be required to keep up or initiate relationships with recycling collection companies to ensure uninterrupted service to households.

“We firmly believe that by enhancing the quality of the materials coming out of sorting centres, standardizing the materials they accept, better informing citizens and developing new markets by mandating the use of recycled content in packaging, Quebec could create the winning conditions to stimulate the circular economy,” says Mario Plourde, president and CEO of Cascades.

“That is why Cascades is supporting the government’s efforts and reiterating its interest and availability to work to improve Quebec’s system of selective collection.”

The company is offering its expertise to work with the government and industry stakeholders in finding a sustainable solution to recovery and recycling issues.

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