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CelluForce building towards commercial production

June 8, 2016  By Cindy Macdonald

Celluforce is reporting growing interest in its innovative green chemistry product called cellulose nanocrystals (CNC). The Canadian company has recorded, over the first half of 2016, the largest CNC shipment volumes since its inception.

“Over the past year, we have been actively developing several industry-specific applications featuring CelluForce NCC, a form of cellulose nanocrystals which is produced in our Windsor plant. Three of these applications have now reached a high level of technical and commercial maturity and have been proven to provide cost benefits and sustained performance in the oil and gas, electronics and plastics segments,” said Sebastien Corbeil, president and CEO of CelluForce.

“Our product development teams are extremely pleased to see CelluForce NCC now being used in full scale trials for final customer acceptance tests.”


These recent application developments in the oil and gas, electronics and plastics sectors are expected to lead to commercial sales towards year end.

With the current shipment volumes forecast, the company expects to deplete its CelluForce NCC inventory by mid-2017. The inventory depletion will pave the way for the company to start commercial production of CNC at its Windsor. Que., plant next year.

CelluForce has built a strong network of researchers with academic and industrial partners and continues to invest time and resources to develop, refine and expand applications for CNC in key priority industrial markets. Beyond oil and gas, electronics and plastics, some of these markets are adhesives, cement, paints and coatings, as well as personal and healthcare.

As it prepares for commercial production, CelluForce has revamped its digital platform and presence, with the underlying objective of developing a better understanding of its product, applications and its innovative green technology capabilities.

Headquartered in Montréal, CelluForce operates one of the world’s largest CNC facilities, capable of producing 300 tonnes per year of CelluForce NCC, a high quality and dispersible form of CNC. CelluForce’s shareholders are Domtar, FPInnovations and Schlumberger.

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