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Customizable roll covers with new software introduced

June 4, 2018  By P&PC staff

June 4, 2018 – NanoSelect calender roll covers are exactly tailored to the specific requirements of a paper machine and as a result increase machine efficiency and paper quality.

The desired roll cover properties are determined in consultation between a specialist from the paper manufacturer and a Voith sales engineer. The NanoSelect calender roll covers are configured using the specially developed product selector software.

Although roll cover requirements differ from paper machine to paper machine, often paper manufacturers have to make compromises when selecting a cover. To address this, the new product selector software now allows paper makers to quickly and easily configure and procure the ideal roll cover for their specific application. Through the product selector and NanoSelect calender roll covers, Voith is offering a new and unique way of meeting individual customer requirements.


During a consultation with a sales specialist from Voith, the customer prioritizes their most important properties on the basis of parameters such as wear or barring resistance. The consultant uses the software to put together the best technology for the roll cover. The result is a mixture of standard and application-specific components. This means that every cover is unique and produced individually for the customer. Voith is grouping these customized roll covers under the new product name NanoSelect.

As NanoSelect roll covers are ideally matched to the requirements of a specific application, they facilitate the production of paper in the desired quality.

Adaptable to the paper manufacturers’ individual requirements, they can use the product selector and NanoSelect to configure their roll covers in an ideal way to obtain the desired properties. For example, if a paper producer has a barring problem in a SoftNip calender despite low loading, a new module in NanoSelect will help reduce this. Another example is the gloss module, which results in a higher gloss and can potentially allow for the adaptation of color formulations and the associated savings.

For more information, please contact a sales representative in North America at paperNA@voith.com.

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