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Domtar gets largest share of $1-billion Green Transformation allocations

October 13, 2009  By Pulp & Paper Canada

Twenty-four companies, representing 38 pulp and paper mills across Canada, have qualified for credits under th…

Twenty-four companies, representing 38 pulp and paper mills across Canada, have qualified for credits under the Government of Canada’s Pulp and Paper Green Transformation Program. The federal government announced the following allocation of credits on Oct. 9.

AbitibiBowater, $33.2 million


AlPac Forest Products Inc., $62.9 million

AV Group, $36.4 million

Canfor Pulp LP, $122.2 million

Cascades Inc., $6.1 million

Catalyst Paper Inc., $18.0 million

Daishowa-Marubeni Inc., $59.1 million (including Cariboo Pulp and Paper joint-venture with West Fraser Mills)

Domtar Inc., $143.5 million

West Fraser Mills Ltd., $88.4 million (including Cariboo Pulp and Paper joint-venture with Daishowa-Marubeni)

Fraser Papers Inc., $33.1 million

Howe Sound Pulp & Paper, $45.5 million

Irving Pulp & Paper, $33.4 million
Kruger Inc., $6.9 million
Meadow Lake, $2.6 million
Mercer Celgar, $57.8 million
Nanaimo Forest Products, $26.9 million

Neucel Specialty Cellulose Ltd., $6.5 million
Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corp., $28.1 million
SFK Pulp, $20.9 million
Smurfit-Stone Container Corp., $29.6 million

Tembec Inc., $24.2 million
Terrace Bay Pulp Inc., $19.2 million
Tolko Industries Ltd., $13.4 million
Weyerhaeuser Canada Inc., $32.4 million
Eligible companies will now have access to funding under the $1-billion program to invest in capital projects that improve their environmental performance. Credits were awarded based on an allocation of $0.16/litre of black liquor produced.

To determine their eligibility for black liquor credits, companies were asked to register with the program and report on their black liquor production by September 18, 2009. At the close of this registration period, the government verified production reports prepared by companies and calculated the amount of credits to be allocated to eligible companies.

It is expected that firms will begin to receive funding for projects in late 2009 or early 2010. Eligible firms can invest their credits in any of their pulp and paper facilities across Canada.

Qualified companies must now submit project proposals for their facilities. Each project will be subject to a federal environmental assessment. In addition, contribution agreements will be negotiated for projects under the Program.

More details about the program and its eligibility requirements are available at http://cfs.nrcan.gc.ca/subsite/pulp-paper-green-transformation.

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