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Dynatrol’s Density Systems designed for density measurement

September 1, 2022  By P&PC Staff

(Photo / Michael Stravato)

Dynatrol releaseed the Dynatrol Density Systems, designed to maintain accurate and continuous measurement of density, specific gravity or percent concentration in-line or in vessels at process conditions.

According to the company, applications for the paper industry include caustic soda, pulp slurry additives and process liquors.

The Dynatrol Density Cell meets the needs of harsh industrial environments and is available in a full spectrum of corrosion-resistant materials having broad temperature and pressure ratings. The Dynatrol Density Cells are weather-tight and are approved for most hazardous area classifications such as CL I, Divisions 1 and 2. There are no motors, bearings, spindles or moving parts to maintain. This allows for a mostly wear-free and long operating life.


The Dynatrol Digital Density Converter has an on-board microcontroller and is preprogrammed and calibrated.  The software provided with the converter can display corrected gravities – utilizing the density and temperature information generated by the Density Cell.  A two-line LCD displays temperature, density, corrected gravity, product frequency and status information.

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