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Valmet's Smelt Spout Robot was installed at the Pixelle mill in Pennsylvania, marking the first such robot installed in North America. The innovative equipment offers safety and efficiency and allows the mill to clean multiple ports without altering their existing boiler setup.

Cleaning smelt spouts is traditionally a hazardous and time-consuming task. The robot increases safety by allowing operators to inspect operational issues and cleaning results remotely from the control room through its utilization of an onboard camera. Operating from either a standing or hanging setup, the robot moves on a sliding rail system and offers various cleaning options, including trough cleaning, spot cleaning, and addressing plugged spouts through preprogrammed patterns or manual control.

Additionally, the smelt spout robot can clean the hood internals and shatter jet using a water lance and collect smelt samples for operational evaluation.

Importantly, the robot can also plug a smelt spout in emergencies, eliminating the need for manual intervention and further increasing safety. This innovative technology not only improves efficiency but also prioritizes the well-being of operators at the forefront of smelt spout maintenance.

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