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Innovating for the future: Meet Heather Trajano from University of British Columbia

Heather Trajano, associate professor at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., is a research leader inspiring the next generation of the pulp and paper workforce.

Resourceful leader: Meet Marie-Karine Leblanc from Cascades

Marie-Karine Leblanc, corporate human resources director at Cascades, Kingsley Falls, Que., is a key motivator at the workplace, leading organizational change for a brighter future.

Committed to the role: Meet Myriam Lapierre from Resolute Forest Products

Myriam Lapierre, environmental technical assistant at Resolute Forest Products, Saint-Félicien, Que. is wholly committed to the environment and the industry.

Catalyst for change: Meet Taneal Brucks from Meadow Lake Pulp, Paper Excellence

Taneal Brucks, management systems coordinator, Meadow Lake Pulp, Meadow Lake, Sask. inspires positive change with creativity.


Expert trailblazer: Ivan Sretenovic from ProcessBarron

Ivan Sretenovic, director of operations and sales at ProcessBarron – Southern Field Canada, Toronto, Ont., is an established leader sharing his knowledge and expertise with the industry globally. » Read More...

Raising the bar: Meet Tania Prevost from Kruger Prouducts

Tania Prevost, environment and continuous improvement manager, Kruger Products, Mississauga, Ont., takes the lead on crucial company projects, raising the bar for her industry peers every day. » Read More...

Challenging the status quo: Meet Cynthia Larose from Cascades

Cynthia Larose, regional operations manager, Cascades Recovery+, Lachine, Que. fearlessly challenges the existing order for the good of all around her. » Read More...

Powerhouse in the sector: Meet Alex Moline from Dryden Fibre Canada

Alex Moline, bleach plant area supervisor, Dryden Fibre Canada, Dryden, Ont. is committed to continuous improvement and safety. » Read More...

Technology enthusiast: Meet Benjamin Phaneuf from Kruger

Benjamin Phaneuf, senior manager of engineering at Kruger in Montreal, Que., constantly seeks out new technologies for improving mill processes. » Read More...

Forging strong relationships: Meet Chris Stoicheff from Paper Excellence

Chris Stoicheff, senior director of government relations, at Paper Excellence Canada, Vancouver, B.C., plays a vital role in establishing key relationships crucial to Paper Excellence projects. » Read More...