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Alberta and Ontario sign MOU to address skilled labour shortages

To tackle gaps in the skilled labour market, Alberta and Ontario have partnered to expand international credential recognition and open pathways into trades for more apprentices and internationally trained workers.

GreenFirst plans to spin-out Kap Corporation

Kap Paper is the only chip consuming facility in Northeastern Ontario and the spin-out provides the potential to pursue new opportunities to support the green economy.

Opinion: Diversity trends, actions and results

Compared to the overall Canadian workforce, the forest sector includes a higher representation of men, Indigenous Peoples, rural and remote workers, and workers without a post-secondary education.


Recruitment and retention in pulp and paper: Complete our survey today!

Share your inputs on retention, reskilling and recruitment for the Canadian pulp and paper industry. Help us build important industry data and market insights for mills facing the manufacturing skills gap. Deadline: August 30 » Complete the survey now!

BNQ launches two new certification programs for compostable products

The Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ) is now able to certify all manufacturers of compostable products to two new certification programs. These programs are based on the requirements of two international standards and they provide a framework for cardboards or packaging that can be certified as "compostable". » Read More...

Opinion: Building workforce resilience through inclusion

Highlighting the importance of fostering diversity and inclusion from the boardroom through the production chain, and all the way to the forest floor, while unveiling an emerging alliance dedicated to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion across Canada’s forest industry. » Read More...

FSC Canada approves updated Group Chain of Custody criteria

FSC Canada has announced the approval of the updated eligibility criteria for its Group Chain of Custody certification, designed to better support small to medium-sized enterprises, enhancing their ability to participate in sustainable forest management. » Read More...