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Editorial: Happy anniversary, Pulp & Paper Canada!

March 28, 2023  By Sukanya Ray Ghosh

Digging through historical archives, I came across the very first issue of the magazine which was published in May 1903. It was then known as The Pulp and Paper Magazine of Canada. The prospectus stated, “If anyone asks why The Pulp and Paper Magazine of Canada comes into existence, we give answer that such a magazine is inevitable. Canada is destined to be the greatest pulp and paper manufacturing country in the world, and naturally a country which leads the world in a special industry will require an organ of information and opinion to represent that industry.”

Over the course of 120 years, the pulp and paper industry landscape in Canada and the world has changed drastically. What stands true from that statement, however, is that this magazine continues to represent this sector and the people in it. This magazine is for all of you – our readers and constant supporters through the years. 

It is fascinating to read what the major concerns of the industry were in that era. The first issue discussed Canadian pulp and paper exports to the U.S., Great Britain, Australia and China. The issue covered topics such as alternate fibres for papermaking, newly built mills, the contributions of existing mills, Canada’s forest assets, local and international pulp trade outlooks and even the latest machinery for process optimization. So much has changed since then and yet so little. Newsprint paper is on the brink of going extinct while innovations in packaging products and plastics alternatives abound. Currently, the focus is on transforming operations with the advanced technologies of today that can also complement legacy equipment and systems. Tracking the market trends locally, nationally and globally is even more important today. Fibre shortages plaguing the industry are impacting mill operations like never before. Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce has been a challenge for some years. For years now, industry stakeholders have been working hard to incorporate sustainable practices, reduce carbon footprint and take environmentally conscious decisions.


In the cover story of the Winter 2023 issue, major players in this space take a trip down memory lane and share how their mill operations have evolved over the years, where the industry stands today and what they foresee for the future.

“Change” is the keyword here. Change is inevitable. The industry is doing its best to transform itself with the times. The magazine itself has changed so much over the years. It has print and digital presence today to help reach our readers in every way possible.

It is my honour and privilege being a part of this piece of history. I truly believe that this industry and its magazine will continue to grow for many more years. Happy Anniversary, Pulp & Paper Canada!

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