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Editorial: Hi there! It’s my pleasure to introduce myself as the new editor of P&PC

November 30, 2021  By Sukanya Ray Ghosh

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as the new editor of Pulp & Paper Canada. I come from Annex Business Media’s Light Construction Group, where I had the opportunity to work on four different media brands. I have also covered the automotive industry in a previous role.

As I step into this new role, I believe this is an interesting time to cover the pulp and paper sector in Canada. The global pandemic has forced people to innovate, evolve and pivot on a regular basis. This industry has seen plenty of disruptions and faced several challenges over the past year.

This year, Pulp & Paper Canada conducted its second recruitment and retention survey. It is the cover story of this issue. The results of the survey point towards a significant impact that the pandemic has had on the workforce. Respondents said that their workplaces saw temporary layoffs and temporary wage or salary cuts. There were some COVID-19 outbreaks as well. One respondent from upper-level management noted that several workers voluntarily resigned or retired during this period. Some mills indicated that they would hire back laid-off workers over the next year. With the sense of isolation brought in by COVID-19, mental health has been an important topic of discussion. Forty-one percent of survey respondents indicated that mental health would be one of the biggest concerns of the workforce as the industry emerges out of the pandemic. Another 40 percent said that maintaining COVID-19 safety protocols would be at the top of everyone’s minds. The key takeaway from the survey is that the industry as a whole needs a lot of support from within to recover. 


This year, we have also introduced our Hall of Fame contest. The pulp and paper sector is able to flourish under the leadership and guidance of hardworking legends who have contributed to its growth, development and prosperity. This contest honours those legends. In our Winter 2022 issue, we will celebrate three legends for their commitment and contributions to the industry and their passion to see it succeed.

Before signing off, I would like to add that in my role as editor of Pulp & Paper Canada, it is my job to ensure all of you have this platform at your disposal. I am not the expert here – you are. You know more about operating mills, the actual challenges the pulp and paper industry in Canada is facing and what are the best solutions to these challenges. My focus will always be on ensuring that you are heard and information is shared. 

I would love to hear about all the exciting things that are happening in your mill/company lately. What are the topics that have caught your interest the most lately? Share your stories and ideas with me at srayghosh@annexbusinessmedia.com. I look forward to meeting all of you soon sometime in the near future.

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