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Feltest’s BodyCooling vests help to reduce overheating in hot working environments

August 27, 2018  By P&PC Staff

August 27, 2018 – For paper machine operators, whether in production or maintenance, Feltest‘s BodyCooling vests can help reduce overheating when working near hot equipment.

Hot working conditions can create faster heart rates, dizziness and loss of concentration.

The adjustable, reusable vests contain a patented polymer that transforms into a hydrogel when soaked in clean water for 45 minutes. The gel uses body heat to evaporate water and, in turn, cools down the body up to two degrees Celsius.


The vest will last for up to 48 hours before the worker needs to place the vest in the refrigerator on “standby” to gain another few days of cooling. Then, the vest needs to be activated with water again. This can happen often more than 100 times over the lifetime of the vest. The BodyCooling vests can also be placed in the freezer, which provides a more intense cooling feeling as the frozen hydrogel begins to melt. 

Orange patches and reflector stripes help the flame-retardant vest be more visible on the plant floor. 

The polymer used in the vests was originally used to cool athletes during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Summer Games.

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