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Despite the Internet's tremendous potential, finding useful environmental information on it can be time-consuming and not cost-effective when using traditional search engines. The available informatio...

September 1, 2000  By Pulp & Paper Canada

Despite the Internet’s tremendous potential, finding useful environmental information on it can be time-consuming and not cost-effective when using traditional search engines. The available information is incomplete and very scattered. It is not uncommon to find hundreds of “hits” that must be reviewed.

After five years of browsing and collecting environmental information from the Internet, I have finally decided to make sense of it all. Below is a summary of the sites that I have found most useful relating to pulp and paper environmental issues. Of course, this is just a sub-sample. There are many more.

First, I recommend the Copernic search engine to do searches. It is more thorough and complete since it compiles the results of 14 popular search engines and scores them according to relevance. I have been able to find good sites using Copernic that don’t appear on other search engines such as Yahoo! Copernic can be downloaded at no charge and add-ons are available at a cost. Another useful site is GO translator, which translates any web site into the language of your choice.


The sites in the table are organized by general topic. The ones I would recommend for regular checks are the following:


2. Environment Canada and US EPA;

3. Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Sierra Legal Defence Fund, Reach for the Unbleached;

4. The Business and Sustainable Development Site.

It is a good idea to subscribe to an environmental news service to stay aware of current environmental issues. One of the more useful technical sites is ECOTOX. It allows any user to find out about the toxicity of numerous chemicals like those being used in certain additives or those present in mill effluent. There are also some good scientific and technical searchable databases. These will generate articles or abstracts of papers relating to topics of interest (i.e. ET&C, NISC, CNIE). Happy browsing!

Phil Riebel can be reached at priebel@sympatico.ca. For more information visit www3.sympatico.ca/priebel


Pulp and paper sites

Pulp and Paperwww.paptac.caTechnical news on the Canadian
Technical Associationindustry, committee reports,
of Canada (PAPTAC)publications to order.
Canadian Pulp andwww.opendoors.cppa.caComplete up-to-date news on Canadian
Paper Associationindustry initiatives, including
(The Green Trail)environmental issues.
Technical Associationwww.tappi.orgA good resource for technical news and
of the Pulp andinformation, including access to the
Paper Industry (TAPPI)journal articles, bookstore, and the
public outreach initiatives.

General but very useful sites

Copernic searchwww.copernic.comFree download. A thorough search
engineengine that compiles the results of 14
other popular search engines including
GO Translatorhttp://translator.go.comAllows you to translate any web site into
the language of your choice. The
translation is rough but adequate to get
the main message.
Governmental organizations/departments
Environment Canadawww.doe.caInformation on national environmental
– The Green Laneissues, access to regulations such as the
Fisheries Act, the Environmental Effects
Monitoring Program (EEM).
The USwww.epa.govA tremendous amount of information
Environmentalon environmental issues, including
Protection Agencyonline access to all EPA publications.
Canadian Council ofwww.ccme.caUseful publications such as water,
Ministers of thesediment and soil quality criteria.


Industry Canadahttp://strategis.ic.gc.caStatistics on the Canadian pulp and
paper industry.

Non-governmental organizations

Links tohttp://ceres.ca.gov/tcsf/A useful site that lists all the main
Environmentalearth/envlinks.htmlenvironmental groups and provides
Organizationslinks to their site
Greenpeace, Sierrawww.greenpeace.org;Influential environmental groups. Pulp
Club, Sierra Legalwww.sierraclub.org;and paper companies should be aware
Defence Fund, Reachwww.sierralegal.org;of current issues being targeted by
for the Unbleachedwww.rfu.orgthese groups.
Canadianwww.ceaa-acve.caDirectory of certified environmental

Auditing Association


Canadian Associationwww.caeal.caList of lab auditors, accredited labs,
of Environmentalscopes of accreditation.

Analytical Laboratories


American Fisherieswww.fisheries.orgMuch technical information on fisheries,
Societyincluding environmental effects on fish.

Sustainable development / ecoefficiency

President’s Councilwww.whitehouse.gov/Key US initiative promoting sustainable
for SustainablePCSD/index.htmldevelopment


Eco-Ratingwww.eco-rating.comEnvironmental rating agency to assess
Internationaland rate a company’s environmental
OECD Environmentwww.oecd.org//env/Much environmental information on
index.htminitiatives of OECD member countries,
including Canada. This includes
environmental performance reviews.
Business andhttp:// excellent site for companies who are
Sustainablebusiness/default.htmlooking to become more eco-efficient.
DevelopmentFull of ideas and case studies.

Directories of environmental products and services

ESAA Directory andwww.esaa.org/members/This directory focuses primarily on
Buyers Guide ofabout.htmwestern Canada


products and Services

Enviro-Accesswww.enviroaccess.caA Canadian-made environmental
directory of products and services,
including a business directory

Environmental search engines

Environmentalwww.webdirectory.com;Search engines specializing on
Organization Webwww.eco-web.comenvironmental topics

Directory; Green Pages

– The Global Directory

for Environmental Technology

Environmental news services

Environmentalwww.eponline.com;Search engines to find relevant Articles
Protection Online;www.manufacturing.net/in the journal

Pollution Engineeringmagazine/polleng


Yahoo Environmenthttp://headlines.yahooUp-to-date environmental news from
and Nature News.com/Full_Coverage/around the world



Environmentalwww.hmsincorporatedTips related to health and safety issues.

Managers Monthly.com/haz_manager.htm


Canada Newswirewww.newswire.caOften covers major environmental news,
such as companies that have been

Online literature searching

National Informationwww.nisc.comLiterature searching of hundreds of
Services Corporationscientific and technical journals.
National Council forwww.cnie.orgSearch over 330 journals on-line.

Science and the


Environmentalhttp://etc.allenpress.com/Online ET&C journal. Over the years,
Toxicology andentconlineseveral articles have been written on
Chemistrypulp and paper effluent toxicology and
environmental effects.

Useful tools for environmental staff

ECOTOXwww.epa.gov/ecotoxA searchable database for toxicology to
determine the toxicity of numerous
chemical compounds to fish and other
Water and Wastewaterwww.waterandNews, suppliers/services and technical
wastewater.cominformation relating to water and
wastewater treatment

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