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First Nation: Resuming Fort Frances pulp operations could hurt local workers

September 24, 2019  By P&PC Staff

Rainy River First Nations says that restarting Resolute’s former pulp and paper mill in Fort Frances, Ontario would have a negative impact on fibre supply for local operators.

The Town of Fort Frances has been angling for the mill to restart since Resolute sold the property to Riversedge Developments, a brownfield developer, saying it would restore hundreds of jobs to the area. During the sale, Riversedge signed agreements with Resolute that the mill would not be restarted for pulp and paper operations.

According to Tbnewswatch, in a letter to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Rainy River First Nations Chief Robin McGinnis says that restarting the mill would not only diminish the available fibre supply in the Crossroute Forest, but also would trade existing jobs for “hypothetically ‘promised’” ones.


Restarting the mill would also affect the work that’s been done so far by the ministry on an enhanced forest management licence for the area, which would bring together the Crossroute and Sapawe forests.

Fort Frances Mayor June Caul told Tbnewswatch she was “taken aback and disappointed” to hear about the letter from McGinnis.

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