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FITNIR to supply online liquor analyzer to Swedish pulp mill

April 27, 2020  By P&PC Staff

Södra Cell Värö

Canadian company FITNIR Analyzers is supplying a Swedish pulp producer with an online liquor analyzer for a causticizing plant.

FITNIR, based in Vancouver, B.C., is a global supplier of FT-NIR benchtop, kappa and online chip moisture content analyzers.

For this project, FITNIR Online will replace the current liquor analyzer in the causticizing plant at Södra’s Värö mill to provide data for optimizing process control and automation.


The mill’s main goal is to reduce the need for burnt lime in the causticizing process.

The data from FITNIR’s online analyzer will reduce green liquor TTA variations to make correct lime dosing possible.

The impact of reduced lime consumption is far-reaching, including energy and cost savings with the reduction of fuel needed in the lime kiln as well as the ability to produce enough lime for higher overall pulp production.

Moreover, the increased measurement frequency with FITNIR Online opens a new world for recovery boiler optimization and subsequently lower energy consumption.

This is the second time FITNIR is supplying its analyzers to Södra, after completing an initial installation at Södra Cell Mönsterås in 2016.

“Very important to us is that FITNIR has proven their equipment works in mill industrial applications,” says Andreas Martinsson, process engineer for Södra Cell Värö. “With the excellent experience our sister mill in Mönsterås has had with FITNIR, we have very high expectations for this project.”

Installation is expected to begin in the summer of 2020.

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