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FPAC applauds FPInnovations’ development of biodegradable face mask filter

September 16, 2020  By P&PC Staff

The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) has released a statement of support for FPInnovations’ announcement today that it had completed the first phase of development for a biodegradable, disposable face mask solution made from Canadian wood fibre.

The following is a statement from FPAC President and CEO Derek Nighbor:

“When President Trump moved to block that shipment of medical masks at our shared border in early April, it was a call to action about how we need to continue to stick to our principles of supporting free and fair trade, but at the same time we must do more to leverage our natural resources and Canadian innovation to be more self-sufficient – to find Canadian-made solutions for Canadians.


Canada’s forests are among the best managed in the world and we have an opportunity before us to do more with this valuable and renewable resource. Whether it’s biodegradable masks, sanitary products, toilet paper, lumber and wood building materials, or forest-based biofuels and biomaterials, there is tremendous potential in Canada’s forests.

Canadian forestry workers and Canadian-made forest products can bring greater health, environmental and economic benefits to Canadians. This is especially important as we work to do our part to create job opportunities and spur economic recovery in the face of the biggest health and economic crisis of our lifetimes.

Today’s announcement highlights a couple of important things that have been hiding in plain sight – the potential of Canadian innovators like FPInnovations and the deep talent we have in this country to do some pretty creative things; and the power of Canada’s forests and forestry workers to do even more to provide real solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing our country.”

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