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FPInnovations brings real-time macrostickies measurement to market

August 11, 2010
By Pulp & Paper Canada

Under a license agreement with FPInnovations, Technidyne will manufacture, sell and service FPInnovations’ mac…

Under a license agreement with FPInnovations, Technidyne will manufacture, sell and service FPInnovations’ macrostickies measurement technology worldwide. The FPAutoSpeck is a fully automated analyzer that determines light and heavy macrostickies in recycled pulp using image analysis. This technology is the first in the world to provide real-time feedback.
The FPAutoSpeck automatically counts and categorizes macrocontaminants from up to four different process lines. Whether the unit is operated in the manual mode for the survey of contaminants in the mill or in the automatic mode for control, it saves time and money by providing immediate feedback to operators when evaluating incoming stock, screening, and chemical processes. Technidyne will provide installation, training, instrument repair, parts sales, preventative maintenance and 24-hour customer support.
“We are very confident that this new collaboration with Technidyne will provide a cost-competitive advantage to the pulp and paper industry,” says Chris Kanters, national director, intellectual property, contracts and licensing for FPInnovations. “Our research programs are driven by the high-priority technical issues of the industry such as product quality, innovation and value, cost competitiveness, environment and sustainability.”
FPInnovations will be presenting research and application information on the FPAutoSpeck technology at the upcoming TAPPI PEERS Conference in Norfolk, VA, October 17-20, 2010. Technidyne Corp. will be exhibiting the FPAutoSpeck at the event.
FPInnovations is a Canadian, not-for-profit forest products research institute which performs research, technical services and technology transfer activities relating to wood harvesting, wood products, pulp and paper, nanotechnology and bio-energy and chemical production.


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