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One of the best ways to have access to specialists and experts is to work on a magazine that is allied with the target industry. I have been fortunate to have such support since I joined PPC almost si...

February 1, 2007  By Pulp & Paper Canada

Anya Orzechowska

One of the best ways to have access to specialists and experts is to work on a magazine that is allied with the target industry. I have been fortunate to have such support since I joined PPC almost six years ago and admit to relying heavily on the knowledgeable advice, ideas and articles supplied by the people who have been in contact with me through the years. Many of the articles appearing in the pages of this magazine have been written by professionals well-known within the industry and those that have been written by journalists (such as myself) with a less technical background have drawn heavily from information supplied by qualified professionals.

This month in particular it was remarkable to have received so much help from experts in our search for the optimal article on recovery boilers. To even be able to ask the proper questions and then to narrow down the research, required contacting many people and I would like to take some space to thank a few of them here. Jacques Perrault of Bowater was invaluable, as was Suzanne Yelle from the same company. During the course of the interview with Bob Eamer and Paul Stuart, the question of the recovery boiler article came up and they both suggested experienced sources. These led to Doug Bruce of Amec and consultant Neil McCubbin, both of whom were kindly willing to discuss the subject with me. Robert Viscardi and Brian Stone from Babcock & Wilcox took the time to explain some of the basic material so that I would understand what needed to be covered. The final article (p13) was provided by Denise Levesque of Alstom.

While I know that there are many more experts out there, the range of knowledge displayed by these people was impressive and made me both proud of the industry I work in and optimistic for its future.


Many thanks to all whose were contacted and took the time to respond.

One of the most anticipated sessions during PaperWeek is the Biorefining Symposium, this year expanded to cover two days. Dr. Richard Kerekes, along with Jean Paris and Tom Browne, the co-chairs of the Symposium, have been in contact with me to arrange dedicated space in our June issue for a full coverage of the event. This topic has attracted quite a bit of attention and has provoked more emails and potential articles than any other single issue in our magazine. This month Paul Stuart, Bob Eamer and Virginie Chambost have collectively presented some information for those interested in the subject. Please see page 18 and then expect more information in our June issue from the official report, as prepared by the Biorefining Committee.

There’s a bit of an international aspect to the issue this month as we cover both Aditya Birla Group’s stake in AV Cell and the Canadian-Russian connection in forestry, under the auspices of the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA). Aditya Birla is India’s first truly multinational corporation, anchored by an extraordinary force of 82,000 employees belonging to over 20 different nationalities. Once the partnership was formed with Tembec, the reopening of this mill brought back people, jobs and hope to this small community in Atholville, NB.

CERBA has a network of offices in Canada and Russia, with a membership base of over 200 corporations and individuals. A conference is scheduled to be presented by them during PaperWeek 2007 in Montreal, organized in cooperation with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and the Ministre du Dveloppement conomique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation du Qubec.

Keynote speaker Frank Graves will provide a Canadian perspective on five years in Russia as a senior executive with Russia’s largest pulp and paper company, St. Petersburg-based Ilim Pulp.

So, as we finish putting together this issue in our office, we are getting ready to move into the Palais des Congrs, here in Montreal, for PaperWeek International and EXFOR 2007, the premiere event in the pulp and paper industry.

Hope to see you there!

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