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Green Seal launches verified suppliers program for parent rolls, raw materials

November 15, 2019  By P&PC Staff

Green Seal has launched a public database that catalogues parent rolls, raw materials, and formulas and concentrate that meet the company’s environmental standards.

The Verified Suppliers program offers raw materials suppliers a pathway for verifying that their materials meet Green Seal’s requirements. It also formalizes Green Seal’s verification offerings for paper and cleaning product manufacturers.

Private labelers who properly use verified parent rolls, formulas or concentrates and apply with Green Seal are eligible to use the Green Seal certification mark on their products, and converters that use a Green Seal–verified parent roll can achieve Green Seal certification more quickly.


Green Seal is a global nonprofit organization that applies rigorous standards for health, environmental sustainability and product performance through its certification programs. Green Seal has certified thousands of products and services from companies including Kimberly-Clark, Cascades and Georgia-Pacific.

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