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Lake Utopia Paper uses federal funding for biomass boiler

August 1, 2010  By Pulp & Paper Canada

Lake Utopia Paper uses federal funding for biomass boiler

A $22-million cash infusion for Lake Utopia Paper Mill in New Brunswick will go a long way towards helping the facility boost its production of clean energy. The funding comes as part of the federal Green Transformation Program and will allow the mill to install a new biomass boiler that will be fuelled by wood waste from the company’s own forestry operations in the province.

The boiler is expected to churn out enough steam to meet the facility’s energy needs, thus reducing its reliance on fossil fuels for power. The installation will also scale back the mill’s greenhouse gas emissions by more than 66,000 tonnes per year and will displace the equivalent of 180,000 barrels of fossil fuel.


The $22-million investment represents a substantial chunk of the $32.9 million total the project will cost. The outstanding project costs will be covered by a $10.8 million repayable loan from the Government of New Brunswick, in addition to a $500,000 grant from Efficiency NB.

Hinton’s pressure diffusion washer will boost energy efficiency

West Fraser has announced its intention to purchase and install a pressure diffusion washer at its Hinton Pulp division. The project, which is expected to cost $15 million, will be funded by credits earned under the Canadian government’s Pulp and Paper Green Transformation Program.

The installation of a pressure diffusion washer will allow Hinton Pulp to improve its energy efficiency by reducing the volume of natural gas consumed and increasing the facility’s production of green power. The project will also improve environmental performance through reduced and cleaner mill effluent.

The successful completion of this project is expected to be an important step for Hinton Pulp in improving its overall competitiveness and long-term outlook.

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