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Harmac Pacific to receive $800K for new sludge treatment system

December 11, 2019  By Ellen Cools

Under the CleanBC Industry Fund, funded through carbon tax revenue, Nanaimo, B.C.–based Harmac Pacific will receive $862,5000 for a new sludge treatment system.

This covers approximately half the cost of Harmac’s new $1.7-million ionization treatment process to de-water sludge so that it can be burned in its boilers, thereby reducing the amount of natural gas the company needs to burn, reports Business in Vancouver (BIV).

The sludge is the byproduct from turning wood waste into pulp. Currently it is filtered through a screw process to remove moisture, and then incinerated in Harmac’s boilers, producing steam for the pulp mill’s processing and to drive turbines to generate electricity.


According to BIV, the filtering process does not get all the moisture out of the sludge. The new technology will help reduce the sludge’s moisture content to a point where it will burn.

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