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Jabil completes prototype for water bottle made of 80 per cent paper

June 14, 2021  By P&PC Staff

Jabil Packaging Solutions, a division of Jabil, has launched a new packaging prototype for VITTEL, a mineral water brand in Europe from the water division of Nestleģ.

The hybrid bottle is made of 100 per cent recycled paper and plastic components, resulting in a plastic reduction of more than 50 per cent compared to VITTEL’s current 1-litre bottle. The ratio is 80 per cent paper to 20 per cent plastic, cap included.

The bottle, part of a new “Eco.bottle product platform” developed with Jabil’s recent acquisition Ecologic Brands, features a patent-pending, first-of-its-kind tear strip, enabling easy separation of the paper and plastic components for an efficient recycling experience.


The liner for the 1-litre bottle is extremely thin, using 9.2 grams of recycled plastic. Jabil’s conversion technology and expertise enabled the fabrication of the outer shell made of certified Forest Stewardship Council reclaimed and recycled material.

The ability of the bottles to nest during transit eliminates extra space and has the potential to lessen the amount of trucks needed for delivery by 50-60 per cent, the company says.

Consumer testing in Europe will begin in June.

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