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Kamloops pulp mill union watching closely as other mills close

February 10, 2023  By Levi Landry, Infotel.ca

The union behind workers at the Kamloops pulp mill is bracing for turbulent times as B.C. sawmills that feed it close or curtail operations.

“We’re doing better than most, but still definitely worried,” Unifor local 10-B vice president Wesley Mitchell said. “We’re quite familiar with all these people losing their jobs. It’s terrible.”

Kruger Inc., which owns the Kamloops pulp mill, and its union are trying to find other ways to get its wood material as mills in places like Quesnel and Prince George slowdown operations.


“We’re thinking outside the box for exactly those reasons,” Mitchell said. “I think our company has been proactive, I think our union is proactive in trying to find solutions… it’s just a matter of whether the government enacts any of these or forgets about the forest workers.”

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