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Kimberly-Clark mill faces fines

May 22, 2007  By Pulp & Paper Canada

OLYMPIA, WA — The Department of Ecology (Ecology) has fined Kimberly-Clark Corporation of Dallas, TX, for violatin…

OLYMPIA, WA — The Department of Ecology (Ecology) has fined Kimberly-Clark Corporation of Dallas, TX, for violating air-emission limits for the boiler at its Everett pulp-and-paper mill.
Ecology has issued a fine totalling $49,277 to the facility following an investigation of emissions from Sept. 11, 1997, to May 21, 1998. The amount of ash emitted from the mill’s wood-waste boiler increased beyond allowed limits for 111 days within the time period.
The wood-fired boiler and its updated air-cleaning system, put into operation the summer of 1996, replaced the facility’s old Dutch-oven boilers.
Beginning in October 1996, Kimberly-Clark conducted extensive testing of the then-new boiler’s emission-control system. This was due to citizen concern over a new source of air pollution affecting the Everett community and the visible plume coming from the boiler’s stack. The facility found problems with the air-cleaning system and worked to correct them while still running the boiler.
“The fine took into consideration the effort Kimberly-Clark put into correcting the problem,” said Merley McCall, Industrial section unit supervisor. “While we are pleased this new air-cleaning system has been put into place, it was out of compliance for several months. They made a good effort, but the length of time was significant enough to warrant a penalty.”
The amount of the fine was based on the significance of the violation and the standard penalty amounts for violations of this nature.
Within 30 days of receiving the penalty, Kimberly-Clark Corporation may appeal the fine to the state’s Pollution Control Hearings Board.

Source: Washington State, Department of Ecology


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