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Layton Calls for New Strategy (April 18, 2008)

April 18, 2008
By Pulp & Paper Canada

Jack Layton isn’t giving up hope for Canada’s forest sector.

Jack Layton isn’t giving up hope for Canada’s forest sector.

Unlike some people, we don’t think you should just write off the forest and the forest industry, the Chronicle Journal reported the Federal NDP leader as saying during his visit to Thunder Bay, where he called for a new strategy designed to help reinvigorate the forest sector.
Layton’s visit was intended as an opportunity to provide suggestions on how to revitalize the North, the Chronicle Journal confirmed. In addition to his tour of the city, Layton confirmed his views on forestry, job creation, and a possible upcoming federal election. The report noted that Layton specifically called for a new strategy to help the ailing forest sector and that he referred to the softwood lumber agreement as a ‘disaster.’


It’s time to have a strategy that plans to turn the wood resources and the fibre resources into products right here in Canada instead of shipping it out raw and watching the jobs disappear, The Chronicle Journal reported Layton as saying.

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