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June 1, 2001  By Pulp & Paper Canada

PROJECTS UNDERWAY, PLANNED & APPROVEDDescription/CompletionEst. Cost2001reasondate($’…

Description/CompletionEst. Cost2001
Alma, QC
Control room PM 9 & 1009/2001411250
Scale repairs, truck entrance12/2001125125
High speed camera9/2001130130
Cooling, press filters SSE08/2001600600
Modernization of electrical installations10/2001500500
Speed-up PM 9 & 1012/20014 3284 328
Other1 4751 475
Total7 5697 408
Amos, QC
Lighting upgrade in the drying section06/200115075
Ventilation upgrade in the warehouse08/2001125125
Replacement of milling machine09/2001105105
Oscillating shower filter disc TMP12/2001130130
Disc filter shaft10/2001525525
Roll positioning system09/2001580580
TMP cost study09/2001105105
Replacement of refiner No.912/2001150150
4th Thune press12/2001100100
Chip screening modification12/2001500500
Pump 26-C0912/2001300300
Pulp quality upgrade TMP12/20011 1551 155
Total4 2324 157
Beaupr, QC
Roof replacement09/2001200200
Insurance request09/2001100100
Flat suction box, paper machines09/2001100100
Health & safety improvements12/2001150150
Training centre09/2001500500
Pulp quality analyzer09/2001850850
PM 1 pulp washer, bleach plant12/20018 0008 000
Total10 26010 260
Shawinigan, QC (Belgo Mill)
Reeling drum No.805/2001245245
Roll management system05/2001150150
Double doctor blade press05/2001100100
Reinforcing roof strength04/2001224150
Conveyor spare parts04/2001100100
Modification of reject press04/2001100100
PM 9 upgrade12/20012 9872 987
PM 6 upgrade12/20011 8501 850
Optimization program12/20012 2002 200
Other1 7571 757
Total9 7139 639
Baie Comeau, QC
Dry end flaw detector, PM 209/2001440150
Couch roll PM 406/2001450450
Granite roll exchange06/2001260260
PM 1 Lube system for dryer gears09/2001125125
Dryer gears – Section No.312/2001375375
Wet end ventilation PM 1 & 206/2001200200
PM 4 Vacuum pump SS rotor12/2001115115
PM 3 Vacuum pump SS rotor09/2001115115
Dryer and approach system12/20013 3003 300
PM 3 Modernization, phase I & II03/200131 00020
Conversion of OPCO to TMP12/200140 00020 000
Recycled pulp press12/20014 1411 141
Total80 89126 621
Clermont, QC
Scanjet for felt serpentine PM406/200113031
Scanjet for felt winder PM406/200111057
High efficiency burners, Boiler No.108/2001298129
Replacement of Siemens computer08/2001151125
Consolidation network control M405/200157830
Chip screening modifications08/2001193125
Dryer air instrumentation09/200110050
Replacement of computer adjuster (?)10/2001193100
Replacement of TMP compressor09/2001100100
Permanent polymer feed09/200110350
Renovations of dam and canal12/2001700650
Replacement of scrutinizer and beam (log inspection)09/2001400400
Replacement of 3 carts and hooks12/2001225150
Reintroduction of aspen and grey pine05/20011 275560
Glyclol heater, PM 4 building09/2001728520
TMP capacity increase09/20012 930137
Transformation of Dynaformer, PM 406/20025 7002 000
Stores refitting12/20011 000500
TMP post-refining06/20026 0003 000
2nd TMP steam generator06/20023 5002 000
Scanjet cleaning system PM 509/200112025
Replacement of Siemens roll rectifier PM 509/2001200139
Roll corrector PM 510/2002270270
Increasing capacity of reel-up PM 506/2001110110
Permanent polymer feed PM 512/20017575
Modernization of wet end control PM 512/2001400400
Replacing GE drive system PM 512/2001200200
Automated temperature control PM 512/2001150150
Wet end vibration detector PM 503/2002645585
Pick up roll after Valrok roll, PM 512/20022 0001 000
Total29 08914 173
Fort Frances, ON
Replace grwd. wdrm. control room12/2001200200
PM 7 steam & condensate, phase II09/2001150150
Chip cat06/2001370370
Digester No. 1-5 lining, phase IV11/20011 5001 500
Peroxide bleaching addition09/200114 2136 500
Total17 3789 665
Fort William, ON
Top wire anti-mist box06/2001200200
IMO compliance03/2001200200
Groundwood storage tank12/20012 0002 000
Total2 7602 760
Grand Falls, NF
Fire line replacement09/2001100100
DCS control system PM 3, phase I12/2001450450
PM 3 ventilation, phase III06/2001100100
Replace woodroom sorting belt09/2001400400
Replace transfer drum PM 309/2001300300
Total1 4501 450
Iroquois Falls, ON
Ventilation repairs – mill wide12/2001309309
TMP Critical Spares12/2001150150
G Roll Shell12/2001400400
Total1 1941 194
Kenogami, QC
PM 6 Existing pneumatic control room09/2001100100
Repairing white water tank12/2001600600
Regulating gas supply to boilers06/2001200200
Strategic plan06/2001128 4222 300
Total129 8253 703
Kenora, ON
Finishing & shipping 2-clamp truck06/2001120120
Upgrade groundwood Bailey console09/2001150150
PM 9 granite roll modification06/2001100100
Electrical power metering12/2001200200
Hog fuel conveyor modification12/2001250250
Recycle white water exchanger12/2001300300
Boiler economizers12/2001300300
Other1 1451 145
Total2 5652 565
Grand-Mre, QC
Fresh water rationalization09/2001200200
PM 10 suction press vacuum box06/2001250250
Main entrance road sign improvement09/2001200200
Strategic plan, phase I09/200118 5004 000
Other1 1491 149
Total20 2995 799
Mackenzie, BC
Series 6 PLC upgrade for PM controls06/2001250250
Annual paving increase chip pad09/2001250250
Winder drives master upgrade12/2001300300
Rollmaster upgrade12/2001175175
Process information (PI) upgrade09/2001100100
Paper machine speed-up, phase I09/20017 5007 500
Total8 8308 830
La Baie, QC
Primary cooling tower12/2001304304
Installation of R-500 screw shaft12/2001117117
Granite roll purchase12/2001190190
Relocation of air entry PM 112/2001193193
Steam shower calender09/2001201201
PQM presscake test12/2001130130
Stave barking drum No.112/2001150150
Automating treatment of boiler water12/2001150150
Suction press shell PM 412/2001419419
Modernization of shake protection12/2001194194
Replacement of Bailey central ther. phase I12/2001200200
Replacement of railroad track12/2001360360
Couch roll PM 112/2001275275
Digester, phase III12/20023 800500
Other1 2581 258
Total7 9414 641
St-Flicien, QC
Installation of chip conditioner12/20011 300800
Security and hygiene06/2001100100
Pump replacement06/2001200200
Extraction zone sampler06/2001100100
Upgrade of recovery boiler03/2002600400
Laboratory instruments09/2001100100
Steam mixer, 1st bioxide09/2001350350
Charger replacement WA-60009/2001800800
Thermocompresser concentrate09/2001250250
Marking system03/2001150150
Increase of fresh water storage capacity12/2001200200
Chip conditioner12/2001800800
Steam control upgrade06/20029 6004 000
Bleaching control upgrade03/20036 1772 050
Process controls12/20016 2003 000
Total27 03713 410
Stephenville, NF
TMP Reject refiner exhaust system06/2001160160
Mill roofing -200109/2001100100
Wet end basement ventilation improvement06/2001100100
PM drive upgrade06/20011 678100
PM lube upgrade09/2001220220
Steam plant burner management upgrade06/200215050
Main MCC H&V improvements12/2001100100
Total3 0181 340
Thorold, ON
Reconfigure PM saveall loop12/2001300300
Replace bottom suction rolls/foils12/2001150150
Surge chest consistency PM 6&712/2001100100
Upgrade oil lubrication system12/2001275275
Replace paper mill roof09/2001300300
Replace actuators in steam box12/2001120120
Replace wet end travelling squirt12/2001200200
Process information service12/2001150150
Truck loading dock paper warehouse12/2001150150
Replace felt roll doctors in press12/2001150150
Replace clamp trucks warehouse09/2001150150
Administration office relocation09/2001300300
Purchase 230kV line connection03/2001250250
Test modules for paper tester06/2001300300
Convert to 100% DIP12/200250 00015 000
Total53 61018 610
Trois-Rivires, QC
Fire protection equipment05/2001120120
Install DCS at digester, phase I09/2001100100
Extension of 5th floor – Recovery03/2001100100
Cooking plates – digester09/2001100100
Lighting of recovery building03/2001100100
Recycle knots from washing06/2001500500
Installation of wet lap machine06/20014 9604 960
Total6 3286 328
Boyle, AB
Paving – new08/2001300300
Fire systems upgrade09/2001150150
Millwide platforms and lifting beams10/2001250250
VFD upgrades05/2001110100
Office building for woodhandling dept.10/2001200200
Upgrade DNCGS preheater piping05/2001140140
Clarifier rakes coating08/2001120120
Power systems stabilizers05/2001167167
Power protection05/2001196196
UPS upgrades05/2001150150
Maintenance trucks09/2001105105
Air compressors for woodroom10/2001100100
New Kajaani kappa analyzer09/2001300300
Backup prevention digester heaters05/2001125125
Power boiler sootblowers05/2001135135
Upgrade causticizer pumps06/2001140140
Thermo AES triple compartment flatbox05/2001500500
Stock Prep by-pass line05/2001200200
D9R Chip dozer07/2001938938
Downflow Lo-Solids, phase I07/2001700700
APM to HPM replacement05/2001116116
Honeywell CG to APP replacement08/2001184184
Upgrade surface condenser05/2001285285
Recovery boiler flame scanner replacement08/2001225225
Others1 0761 076
Total6 9126 912
Dolbeau, QC
Financial information technology03/20012 100300
Formation shoe PM 502/2001375375
Winder improvement PM 210/2001300300
Pulp improvement10/2001185185
Calender roll PM 212/2001160160
Reel drum PM 212/2001100100
Rewinder improvement12/2001100100
Winder improvement PM 512/2001100100
Total4 9003 100
Donnacona, QC
Bleaching plant05/200112 5006 500
Process data collection information
Retention control system PM 310/2001150150
Screen PM 312/2001200200
Calender roll PM 310/2001100100
Vacuum pump PM 412/2001100100
Hydrosulphite system10/2001100100
Electrical modernization12/2001275275
Others12/20012 1002 100
Total15 8479 630
Quesnel, BC
Replace brownstock washer drum04/2001990990
Replace hog fuel loader05/2001600600
Convert T/G governor to electronic08/2001500500
Upgrade T/G vibration monitoring07/2001130130
Upgrade fibreline DCS communication12/2001200200
Upgrade evaps DCS system12/2001650650
Utilities maintenance facility12/2001585585
Replace bale unitizer09/2001430430
Other various1 1451 145
Total5 2305 230
(See separate categories for Norampac, Dsencrages CMD, Les Industries paperboard, Rolland Inc. and Perkins Paper.)
Vaudreuil, QC
Winder optimization12/20013 0003 000
Moncton, NB
Flexo fold gluer press12/20011 5001 500
OCD division, ON
New splicer12/2001425425
Winnipeg, MA
Langston press12/2001889889
Concord, ON
Super A/B, dual facer12/2001270270
Leaside, ON
New building12/200112 50012 500
Saskatoon, SK
New building12/2001295295
East Angus, QC
Drying machine #312/20015 1005 100
Cascades, QC
Production building12/20011 3501 350
Others12/200113 49713 497
Total38 82638 826
Castlegar, BC
Distributed controls PM 110/20011 3451 345
DNCG to recovery06/20011 9001 900
Improve 1st stage washing08/20011 0001


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