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Miura showcases steam boilers, new Quick Ship Xpress program at AHR Expo 2018

January 9, 2018  By P&PC Staff

The Miura EX steam boiler

Jan. 9, 2018 – Miura, a provider of steam boiler technology, will be showcasing its LX and EX Series boilers, as well as the new Quick Ship Xpress (QSX) program, at AHR Expo 2018.

According to Miura, QSX ends the need for “expensive rentals, and continued reliance on repair-prone, inefficient boilers” by shipping a new, ready-for-installation boiler in rough 48 hours.

The LX Gas/Low NOx low- and high-pressure steam boiler series (available from 50 to 300 HP) uses natural gas or propane and is available in a range of steam options (300 MAWP, 170 MAWP or 15 MAWP). Depending on the model, its low NOx (nitrogen oxides) ratings can be as low as 9 ppm. Hot water boilers are also available depending on models.  


Miura describes the EX Gas/Oil high-pressure steam boiler series (available in 100 HP, and in 50 HP increments up to 300 HP) as the most versatile industrial steam boilers in the world. According to the company, the EX design minimizes carryover and produces more than 99-per-cent dry saturated steam in less than five minutes from a cold start, adding that faster start-up means less fuel used, greater savings, and more responsible use of natural resources.

The LX-series design consists of vertical water tubes in a rectangular array, while the EX-Series utilizes vertical tubes in a circular array. Both headers of each series are encased in a castable refractory with only the tubes exposed to flame and/or combustion gases. The upper header is attached to the lower header only by the tubes. As the tubes expand and contract, the headers float up and down accordingly. Miura says the ‘floating header’ concept allows for even thermal expansion of the tubes, therefore reducing stress points within the boiler,” adding that the ‘leaky tube’ problems associated with firetube and bent watertube designs have been eliminated.

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