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MotionMeter app helps warehouses identify hidden causes of waste

March 10, 2018  By P&PC Staff

Mar. 10, 2018 – Newcastle Systems, a provider of mobile-powered workplace solutions, has launched a new app called the MotionMeter, a real-time activity tracker which it says is designed to “quickly and accurately” perform time studies within the warehouse and identify waste.

The application is designed for warehouse managers, department leads and supervisors who are looking to improve processes and cut costs in their departments, says the company. The app generates a comprehensive overview, known as the Savings Report, which can be exported as a PDF and emailed directly to the app user or supervisors within the organization. Once waste is identified, warehouse managers can implement specific plans and technology solutions to reduce waste and improve productivity setting them on a path to a “Best in Class” operation. To accommodate a variety of uses, MotionMeter includes several personalization features including names of processes and tasks, labour rate and number of employees. Free to download, MotionMeter is currently available for Android and iOS mobile devices and can be found on the App Store and GooglePlay.


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