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NA mills embrace Valmet’s automated testing

Valmet has recently received nine orders for its automated paper testing laboratory from paper mills around the world. Three of the Valmet Paper Lab units will be delivered to North America, four to Europe and two to Asia. The deliveries will take place later this year.

September 21, 2016  By Cindy Macdonald

Three Valmet testing units will be delivered to North American mills later this year.

“Valmet Paper Lab pro¬vides papermakers with tools to manage quality and optimize the pa¬permaking process. In addition to laboratories, today paper testing is increasingly carried out by operators, right next to the production line. By receiving rapid, reliable test results, operators are able to quickly make necessary adjustments and get back to running paper production on-spec. This is directly linked to optimal raw material and energy utilization as well as minimized environmental impact,” says Jukka Nokelainen, business manager, Valmet Paper Analyzers.

“An increasing number of papermakers have been convinced of the ability of the Valmet Paper Lab to match their needs and requirements in today’s paper making. Our solution gives papermakers freedom to move – from the lab right out next to the line – to give them the instant interactivity and real-time communications they need for faster results,” Nokelainen adds.

Valmet says the unit is easy to use, all the way from sample cutting, measurements through to getting the analyses.


To present the system in action and enable paper and board makers test its performance in their own mills, Valmet has a trial lab unit available for test use.

Valmet Paper Lab is a modular and scalable automated paper testing system with the widest selection of industry stan¬dard tests on the market. It is able to test more than 400 proper¬ties in all kinds of grades from 15 up to 650 g/m2 and even up to 800 g/m2.

The latest Valmet Paper Lab represents the third generation in the product range. Up to this point, approximately 300 units have been delivered to paper mills around the world.

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