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New shredding machine at Sustana Fiber’s Breakeyville Mill to contribute to circular economy

November 2, 2021  By P&PC Staff

Photo: Sustana Fiber

Sustana Fiber has announced that it has installed a new high-capacity shredding machine at its Breakeyville mill in Quebec. This, says the company, will improve the recycling process for aseptic and gable top containers or multilayer cartons, such as milk and juice cartons.

Installing the new shredder is aligned with the company’s commitment to a zero-waste future and investing in the circular economy. In a circular economy, materials and resources that have already served a purpose are put to new uses to extend their life cycle. This reduces the impact on the environment and climate change.

The multilayer carton operation is one of the first ones in Quebec. It brings sustainable fibre full circle. This shredder was a major investment in the circular economy to recycle more carton containers and was financially supported by Recyc-Quebec.


With this installation, the capacity for recycling multilayer cartons goes up from 1,000 tons to 5,000 tons annually. This decreases the amount of valuable materials sent to landfills. This increases the recovery rate of cartons, turning these materials back to useful materials. Carton recycling has a lot of potential to invest in the circular economy.

Most recovered cartons are currently exported. However, with the new machine, it will be possible to enhance recycling in Quebec. Additionally, processing the material locally will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustana Fiber plans to partner with sorting centers in Quebec. This will cut down on transportation impact, including carbon dioxide emissions.

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