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New tissue embossing techniques developed by Engraving Solutions

March 22, 2019 – Engraving Solutions, an Italian producer of embossing rollers for the tissue industry and part of the Körber AG Group, has developed three new digital and customized technologies for the tissue market.

March 22, 2019  By P&PC Staff

Tissue embossed with Engraving Solutions' Ex-press technology

The Ghost roller uses two different micro-embossing techniques – chemical and mechanical – to produce high-yield, bulky and soft tissue products with refined embossing. 

The name evokes the special shape of the points, similar to a “ghost sheet.” The profiles of the engravings have been softened, and therefore act with less cutting aggressiveness on the paper. This allows to reduce the strength loss that usually occurs during embossing when traditional rhomboid points are used.

The second technology is called Ex-press, which allows for double-colour products using embossing alone. By adding coloured water to the pre-embossing station, on first pass the ply is decorated with one colour, and when it is passed through the second embosser using coloured glue, the final product comes out with two different colours.


The last innovation is Smoothie, an embossing system specifically designed for entry-level products that is capable of making the paper smoother and softer to the touch. This helps improving the hand-feel of products made using traditional or recycled and unstructured paper, which feature low-weight and low quantities of long fibres and are usually are less appealing to the consumer.

With a single pass, the ply is embossed on the side portions, with or without the use of glue, and calendered on the central portion. All this is obtained using a single embossing station instead of requiring a pair of rolls or a machine dedicated to the calendering of the entire ply.

The final result is a roll that is smooth on most of its surface and aesthetically pleasing thanks to the application of (coloured or non-coloured) decorations. 

And at Tissue World Milan Mar. 25 to 27, 2019, Engraving Solutions is launching the new tissue configurator Touch ‘N’ Roll. The new configurator aims to simplify the process of new product development.

Through a digital platform accessible from PC or tablet, the user can create a preview of the finished product – a real-time prototype – before making a pilot line test. 

Thanks to the new configurator it is possible to create your own “tailor-made” product, choosing between three predefined types of rolls: toilet paper or kitchen paper, four types of paper each with a defined surface and colour, 36 embossing designs, eight colours. A total of 1,440 configurations are possible.

The customer can consult at any time, remotely, the complete list of engravings made and has immediate availability and access to the technical data sheets of the rollers. Also, through the platform, the customer can communicate directly with Engraving Solutions experts, reserve a pilot test and check the order status of new rollers or product tests.

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