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Northern Pulp granted injunction against fishermen’s barricade

December 19, 2018  By P&PC Staff

December 19, 2018 – Northern Pulp has been granted a temporary injunction by a Nova Scotia court in its ongoing battle with fishermen who have been blocking the mill’s survey vessels from researching a site for a proposed effluent pipeline.

The Canadian Press reports that while Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice ruled the fishermen are allowed “lawful protest,” they will no longer be allowed to barricade the Northumberland Strait. 

The Abercrombie, Nova Scotia–based Northern Pulp, which is owned by Paper Excellence, has been ordered by the provincial government to stop diverting its effluent through the nearby Pictou Landing First Nations reserve, and, in an effort to find an alternative, the mill has been attempting to conduct surveys of the water in Northumberland Strait as a site for the terminus of its pipeline.


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The local fishermen say the 70 million litres of treated effluent per day the pipeline would deposit are a threat to their livelihood and the environment.

Around 80 people gathered outside the courthouse on Wednesday to protest the pipeline.

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