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Northern Pulp opposes amendments proposed to Boat Harbour Act

April 19, 2022  By P&PC Staff

Northern Pulp has submitted its opposition to Bill 143 to Nova Scotia’s Law Amendments Committee. The bill contains amendments to the Boat Harbour Act, proposed by Nova Scotia. Northern Pulp explains that the proposed amendments attempt to retroactively eliminate the province’s responsibility to honour its contractual obligations to Northern Pulp in connection with the 11-year reduction in the term of the Effluent Treatment Facility lease (Boat Harbour).

Northern Pulp has outlined how the province’s proposed amendments to the Boat Harbour Act limit the company’s legal rights against the province, in its written submission. The company has also noted how it increases the risk for any organization doing business with the province of Nova Scotia.

On April 1, 2022, the British Columbia Supreme Court directed Northern Pulp and the province to enter mediation to work toward a negotiated resolution of outstanding legal claims and disputes.


Northern Pulp noted in a statement that since the province was not successful in opposing mediation in the courts, it is attempting to change the Boat Harbour Act to retroactively eliminate its responsibility and legal obligations. The company added in its statement that it is a sad day when a government uses legislation to evade its contractual and legal obligations.

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