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Northern Pulp seeks ministerial and judicial review of Environmental Assessment Terms of Reference

April 18, 2022  By P&PC Staff

Northern Pulp recently requested Nova Scotia’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change (NSECC) to review the Environmental Assessment Terms of Reference issued by NSECC on March 14, 2022. The Environmental Assessment Terms of Reference were issued for the proposed mill transformation and effluent treatment project.

The company simultaneously applied for a judicial review of the Environmental Assessment Terms of Reference to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. In a statement released by the company, it explained that the reason for requesting a judicial review is that the Terms of Reference are unreasonable in several areas, such as failing to set out definitive limits, standards and regulations that must be met

“Before we retain experts, conduct scientific studies, and prepare a thorough EA, we are taking every available step through the Nova Scotia Supreme Court and directly with the Minister to review and revise the Terms of Reference, so they are realistic, clear and better-defined,” said Sasha Irving, vice-president of corporate affairs, Paper Excellence Canada. “We have been meeting with residents and forestry sector stakeholders throughout Nova Scotia and the need for a transformed mill in the region is evident. We want to operate a transformed mill in Nova Scotia, but this can only be accomplished with reasonable and clear Environmental Assessment Terms of Reference.”


Northern Pulp has requested the Hon. Tim Halman, Minister of NSECC to remove or revise several aspects of the Terms of Reference as part of the ministerial appeal. The company states that this is to ensure that they contain conditions that are both achievable and protective of the environment, are not vague or uncertain and are realistic and otherwise reasonable.

“The existing Terms of Reference ignored the overwhelming and reasonable requests from Nova Scotians for clear standards and independent experts. It is in everyone’s best interest for the Final Terms of Reference to have standards and to be led independent experts,’” said Irving. “These changes are necessary to ensure the public has confidence in the EA process and the final EA decision.”

Northern Pulp will continue to advance necessary, long-term environmental studies for a thorough Environmental Assessment Report. The company plans to transform the mill into one of the world’s cleanest, most environmentally focused mills.

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