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Paper Excellence Canada donates $150,000 to Ducks Unlimited Canada

February 2, 2023  By P&PC Staff

On World Wetlands Day, Paper Excellence Canada announced a $150,000 donation to Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC). The largest single donation in Paper Excellence Canada’s history will support wetlands conservation and stewardship in boreal forest regions of Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The donation will also support wetlands training for residents and employees in industries that operate or work in the boreal forest regions of the two provinces.

“On behalf of Paper Excellence Canada, I am thrilled to present this donation to Ducks Unlimited Canada and begin this exciting investment in supporting wetlands stewardship and education,” said Carlo Dal Monte, vice-president for Paper Excellence Canada. “Paper Excellence Canada is committed to conservation and sustainability in the regions where we operate, and working with Ducks Unlimited Canada on this initiative is another example of our company’s ongoing work.”

“Our work cannot be completed without the support of organizations like Paper Excellence Canada, and this generous and significant donation allows us to enhance our wetland and waterfowl conservation efforts through knowledge sharing in the boreal forest of Saskatchewan and British Columbia,” says Kevin Smith, national manager of boreal programs for Ducks Unlimited Canada.  Knowledge sharing is a core value for DUCs National Boreal Program who will manage the donation.


“Equipping those who live and work in the boreal with knowledge about what wetlands are, how to operate in and near them, and the values that they hold for wildlife and people is an excellent way to motivate actions that lead to conservation and sustainable use,” Smith says.

Ducks Unlimited Canada has already developed educational tools and programs to support this knowledge sharing, and these new funds will facilitate training to be shared to a wider audience.

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