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Paper Excellence publishes inaugural sustainability report

September 24, 2021  By P&PC Staff

Paper Excellence published its first-ever sustainability report on Sept. 21, 2021. Titled “Proven Resilience: Meeting the Challenge Through Adaption, Strength and Sustainability,” this report aims at introducing Paper Excellence further to its neighbours, customers, regulators and stakeholders. The report also outlines the company’s approach to business.

Eighty-four percent of Paper Excellence’s total energy consumption in 2020 was renewable. The company made a direct economic contribution of $1.7 billion in Canada.

“Paper Excellence’s core values embrace company citizenship, community support, and bettering of our environmental and social performance year over year. This report embodies those aspirations with an honest and balanced view of our strengths and the areas we can improve,” said Graham Kissack, vice-president, environment, health & safety and corporate communications.


The report showcases the company’s commitment to transparency and the challenges it addresses regularly.

“We see the environmental and other performance results reported here as benchmarks, and we will provide annual disclosures through our sustainably reports as we work to improve them,” explains Kissack. “As part of this report, we’ve also included 14 different “Practices and Perspectives” stories –some written, some video. These stories will give readers on-the-ground insight into our work on things like balancing water levels and users’ needs, and working with communities to manage wildfire risk in the urban/rural interface.”

Inside the summary report:

“In 2020, we faced unprecedented challenges including a major malware attack, a global pandemic, and difficult market conditions. While this tested our resilience, we were able to draw on deep reservoirs of organizational adaptability, strength and sustainability.

Multiple mill curtailments were a difficult but unavoidable reality in 2020. But we believe a corner has been turned in 2021, and this reinforces our strong beliefs in our industry’s future and in our company’s competitive position.

With its acquisition of Catalyst Paper,Paper Excellence’s product line extended to encompass a diverse range of specialty, printing and packaging papers, along with high strength kraft mechanical pulps. Our customers are in North America, Latin America, the Pacific Rim and Europe. They include converters, retailers, commercial printers, publishers and distributors.

One major focal point is an ongoing shift towards growing specialized food grade and lightweight packaging papers. Paper Excellence also remains well-positioned and committed to coated printing paper in the geographic markets we serve.”

The full report is available as an online document and a downloadable PDF: Sustainability Report – Paper Excellence.

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