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Paptac Honours 61

March 1, 2006  By Pulp & Paper Canada

Anya Orzechowska with Gadget prize winners Steeve Miville

Michelle Ricard, Jos-Antonio Orccotoma, Jim Ling and Robert Watson won the I.H. Weldon Award For Best Paper for their work entitled, Pectinase Reduces Cationic Chemical Costs in Peroxide-Bleached Mec…

Michelle Ricard, Jos-Antonio Orccotoma, Jim Ling and Robert Watson won the I.H. Weldon Award For Best Paper for their work entitled, Pectinase Reduces Cationic Chemical Costs in Peroxide-Bleached Mechanical Grades.

Stephanie Lau and Kirsten Groody won the Pulp and Paper National Student Problem-Solving Competition for their work entitled, Control of Reduced Sulphur and VOC Emissions via Biofiltration. In second place was Pascal Gagnon, for his work Rduction de la DCO a l’effluent d’une using papetire recycl n’ayant pas de traitement secondaire.


Yaling Xu and Robert Pelton won the JPPS Best Paper Award for A New look at How Fines Influence the Strength of Filled Papers.

Daniel Lemire won the F.G. Robinson Committee Service Award.

Andrea Hagedorn, Bernard Bgin, J.-Antonio Orccotoma, Jason Baril, Monica Ortiz-Cordova and Jean Paris won the John S. Bates Award for the Best Branch Paper for their work entitled, Analyse de la variabilit de la force du papier dans une usine intgre de papier journal.

Erica Salazar, Rjean Samson, Ken Munnoch and Paul R. Stuart won the Douglas Jones Environmental Award for their paper, Identifying Environmental Improvement Opportunities for Newsprint Production Using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Steeve Miville won first place in the Gadget Competition for his Changeur de couteaux Dienes. Len Johnson and Roy Mukuyama secured second place for their Globe Extractor. Jim MacPherson’s Saw Guard Saw Carrying Case won third place. Andr Proulx and Pierre Brazeau won an honourable mention for their Planch d’accs et de sortie de trou d’homme d’un rouleau scheur “Confort Plus.”

Shrivakkabh Sharda won the first place Energy Conservation Award for Improved Operation of a Biomass Boiler. In second place was Bill Sweet for his work entitled, Reduce Bleach Plant Steam Usage. Hasna Zaknoun came in third place for Lower APS1 Bin Temperature.

The Branch Service Awards were conferred upon Graydon Hackett and Rockland Cooke

Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to Robert Belliveau, Huguette Schwartz, Yolande Quensel and Lise Gauthier.

Barbara van Lierop was awarded the John S. Bates Memorial Gold Medal.

Richard Foucault won the Honorary Life Membership.

The Douglas Atack Award for Best Mechanical Pulping Paper was awarded to Thomas Q. Hu and Brian R. James for their work, A New Class of Bleaching Agents for Mechanical Pulps.

Michael Ajersch, Nicole A. Poirier and Ivan I. Pikulik won the Jasper Mardon Memorial Prize for the Best Paper Contributing to the Advancement of Papermaking for their work entitled, Pilot-Scale Wet Web Surface Treatment of Newsprint.

The Howard Rapson Memorial Award for Best Chemical Pulp Bleaching Paper was conferred upon Jeff Bennett for his work, Bleach Plant and Screen Room Modernization at Prince George Pulp.

For his work, Chip Moisure Testing; How Often is Often Enough? Donald A. Olson won the H.R. MacMillan Award.

Le Prix D’excellence Raimbault-De-Monigny was awarded to Pascal Hbert, for Les Statistiques au Profit des Productueurs et Imprimeurs de Journaux.

The Youth Science Foundation Canada Canada-Wide Science Fair Award went to Tiffany Lu for Biopolyurethane Rigid Foams Based on Isolated Lignins.

Winners of the Alkis Karnis Memorial Prize for Best Poster were Lucy Ye, who secured first place for her work entitled, Biotinylation of TiO2 Nanoparticles and Their Colloidal Stability. In second place was David Goosen, for The Role of Fibre Redistribution in Pulp Refining. Martin Laflamme-Mayer won third place for his work, Integration of Plant Level Processes for Supply Chain Management in the Pulp and Paper Industry.

Lucy Le also won 1st prize for the Henry Bolker for Best Seminar for her work, A Platform of Immobilization of Proteins on TiO2 Nanoparticles. In second place was Chuanwei Miao, for Effect of Polyvinylamine Microgels on Paper Strength -Handsheet Testing. In third place was Yi Zhang for Examining Deflocculation Under Short-Term Oxygen Disturbance in the Activated Sludge Process.

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