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Pilot biorefinery sells nanocellulose online

July 20, 2016  By Cindy Macdonald

What if nanocellulose was available to anyone who had an idea about its use? Blue Goose Biorefineries operates a pilot plant for cellulose nanocrystals in Saskatoon and sells the product online in quantities ranging from one kilo to 74 g. If you just want a small sample, the 4 g size is offered free.

Speaking at PacWest in June, Sean McAlpine described Blue Goose’s R3 technology as transition metal catalyzed oxidation. The company initially began developing the process for flax and hemp residue, and can now use acetate-grade dissolving pulp as a feedstock.

McAlpine commented that by selling material over the Internet, Blue Goose is getting some “garage warriors” as clients, but the broader audience is desirable, because “companies like CelluForce don’t make it available to everybody.”


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