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PMP delivers wet-end rebuild to Australian Paper

November 28, 2018 – PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) has delivered a wet-end rebuild to Austrialian Paper's Maryvale mill. 

November 28, 2018  By P&PC Staff

After signing a contract in July 2017, PMP supplied a new four-channel Intelli-Jet V hydraulic headbox, fourdrinier and reel rebuild for Australian Paper’s PM4 located in Morwell, Australia.

The set-up started smoothly on September 10, 2018. Within about 40 minutes, the first jumbo reel appeared, and two days later, machine started to produce saleable paper.

The headbox unit ensures formation and production flexibility for the mill (basis weight from 110 to 270 g/m2). Currently, there are over 150 PMP headboxes working successfully on six continents.


The delivery also included stock approach equipment (attenuator, LS Screens – three units), fourdrinier and reel rebuild.

The project goal was to improve CD profile, tensile ratio and formation of the final product, and to increase the machine speed to 750 mpm. The installation marks the second PMP headbox at the mill – the was added to PM2 in April 2018. 

Australian Paper is owned by Nippon Paper Industries.

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